Jurgen Lake

Jurgen LakeJurgen Lake
The Jurgen Lake area is located approximately 40 km NE of Gillies Island along the far NE extension of the Collins Bay-Eagle Point lithostructural corridor. Structurally, the area comprises a synformal metasedimentary keel sandwiched between granitic domes to the NW & SE, crosscut by several N-trending Tabbernor faults. Bedrock geology consists of graphitic pelite, arkose, and calc-silicate rock fl anked to the NE & SW by two parallel MacKenzie diabase dykes, adding structural complexity to the area.

The area contains a number of anomalous lake sediment geochemical anomalies, some of which directly overlie EM conductors that likely represent graphitic horizons in pelitic rocks. The area hosts a corridor of historic (1969) and recent (2008) airborne EM conductors and detailed ground work will be needed to resolve those conductors which occur in favourable structural orientations, near contacts and with cross cutting features.

Enzyme or selective leach soil geochemistry in the Jurgen area may prove instrumental in prioritizing EM conductors for drill testing, as will lake sediment and radiometric follow-up to the 2008 work. A rigorous structural analysis is also recommended to help determine fault geometry and narrow down potential targets for drilling.